About Us

Valley View Learning Center is an exciting environment that is full of new opportunities and learning experiences. Our program will continuously captivate your child’s interest and encourage each child’s skills and over-all development. Learning is an important part of our day, also developing friendships and gaining confidence as they grow. Our goal is to be a pleasant and friendly place for a child’s happiness and well-being. Our facility and a wide variety of learning materials provide an extraordinary opportunity for growth.

Valley View is proud to not be a cookie cutter type daycare center. We realize all families are different; and therefore, our program is modified so that it is specific to each individual family’s needs.  Valley View is dedicated to the highest standards of child care and to maintaining a quality educational program. The staff administers initial and quarterly observations to chart your child’s growth and progress. The Center understands all children go through identifiable patterns and stages in their cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth. Valley View’s curriculum encourages each child’s natural curiosity and challenges his/her own level of interest and knowledge. Supervisors work with staff members to enhance their skills and abilities and set goals for professional growth and development. The working relationship between parents and staff is of prime importance and that is why Valley View encourages parent involvement.