Health & Nutrition

Immunization records for your child must be updated and the daycare must have a current copy on file. Valley View Learning Center will provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack. Children are offered a variety of foods from the four basic food groups. Menus will be posted in each classroom as well as in the newsletter.  Information for children suffering from food allergies will be posted in cooking and serving areas.

Medication Policy
Valley View Learning Center staff will only administer life threatening medication to children who needs it according to written authorization from the parent and primary physician. The medication must be in the original container, provided by the parents. The parent must administer the initial dose. All medication will be kept in a locked container.

Child Abuse/Neglect
All staff at Valley View Learning Center is mandated to report child abuse or neglect. Physical, emotional, verbal and negligence.

Pick up and Drop off Policy
Please allow yourself enough time to hang your child’s coat and book bag up and walk him/her to the classroom where there is a teacher. If you cannot pick up your child from the center, please inform the staff of alternate arrangements as your child will not be released to any unauthorized persons.

Nap Time
Children are expected to rest for two hours in the afternoon. Please send a small blanket and a pillow. All the items should be labeled with your child’s name on it and put in a bag. The bedding should be kept clean. Children who do not wish to nap can take this time for quiet activities and recreation under teacher supervision.

Outdoor Play
Except in the most severe weather, we are required to take the children outdoors everyday throughout the year. There will be no exception made to this aspect of the programming so we ask that you keep your child at home if they are too ill to participate in outdoor activities. Children will be going outside twice a day, depending on the weather, please make sure that your child comes in with the appropriate outdoor clothing, including close toed shoes.

Your child’s birthday is special. We want to make this occasion extraordinary. You are welcome to provide treats and cake according to the food policy of the daycare. We will provide the fun. This day is filled with enjoyment for your child so the children are all anxious to celebrate their birthday. We ask that you inform the teachers ahead of time if you will be bringing in treats.